Wolfhome is Offline

The Wolfhome 2D Avatar Chat site is currently offline until further notice.

The portions of the Wolfhome Forum that are related to art and commisions has now been restored along with some sections for announcements.

As communicated before, the delta billing have been disabled so people aren't being charged for subscriptions. We've enabled the artists forums on a provisional basis and will monitor posts there. We're trying to help artists fulfill their commissions. Posts unrelated to that mission are not permitted. Thank you for working with us to help the artists.

Our attempts thus far to work to resolve these problems are continuing, and we want to address some perfectly valid concerns about admin conduct, including my own conduct. We intend to do so, but only after some careful reflection. We are actively working on those statements.

As was said in the previous post, there is a lot to review to determine what is fair and necessary if we are to continue. It's important to understand that while we want to go forward, this anger and the hostile exchanges have been preventing it.

I have let my emotions color my responses as well, and I am sorry about that. We have to treat others with respect. We are in the process of investigating what happened in the Chatlands Guardian server and it will not be forgotten. We have a meeting to discuss how people involved will be handled. There have been some pretty awful words exchanged over the past several days, some of which are not acceptable regardless of the intention. It's painful. It's time for everyone to take a step back and reflect on what we want to do here going forward.


Mon 13 Dec 2021 01:36:53 AM UTC